Classes for Heart Change

Heart Change is open to any woman at anytime through the year.  Heart Change classes meet twice weekly.  Monday class explores “ God’s Way vs. Man’s Way”.  Wednesday class alternates between “ A Wise Woman Builds Her House” and “ Visionary Mothering”.

Heart Change Class at work.

Heart Change Class at work.

It is during this time in Heart Change that we hope to

  1. introduce those who do not know Jesus as their Savior to Him,
  2. help women develop a hunger for living life God’s way and a desire to seek real change in their lives, and
  3. build relationships/friendships with other women who are trying to move in the same direction, plus
  4. earn  the right to be heard  through building a relationship with each woman God brings.

We know that it is no accident or arbitrary circumstance when a woman walks through our doors.  Each one is a divine appointment.  We are to be faithful stewards of each relationship.  Only God can change a heart;  we are to be faithful stewards of the relationship, faithful to point them to Christ and to the Truth through the Word.


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