Classes for Mother’s University

Women who are seriously pursuing change in their lives and are willing to commit to a 16 week semester of study with homework outside of class may choose to enter Mother’s University. The commitment alone is a big step for many of our students. Graduation is often the first graduation from anything for most of our students.

Mother's University Graduates--Fall 2015

Mother’s University Graduates–Fall 2015

Mother’s University meets three days each week and includes the following classes:

• The New Believer’s Bible study – Book of John covering the major biblical doctrines and learning to study God’s Word for myself
• The character of a Christ Follower – I am a Christ follower, what should my character be?
• Parenting – instructing, training, playing, discipline, creating a home environment that is conducive to learning
• Health & Hygiene for women and children
• Financial Stewardship – wants vs. needs, budgeting, planning, saving,
• Godly Relationships – Between men and women, friends, employer and employee

In the afternoons, women are tutored for literacy, preparation for the GED and for driver’s education.  Upon graduation from Mother’s University, women may have the opportunity to apply for a job with one of our job partners. This is especially valuable to their next step as many have never held a job or have histories that make it difficult to secure a job. Our job partners value the training in Christian character and work ethic that a Mother’s University student brings to the job.


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