Who We Serve

Women with or without children who have expressed a desire to have their lives transformed by God’s love and truth.

Some are women who are homeless or currently living in an unstable, unsafe environment. These are women who WANT to live life differently and are ready to commit to do whatever is necessary to get there, but require someone to show them the way, even to help them.

Although each woman and her story is unique, the “typical” demographic profile of the woman we are serving is:

  • Twenty three years old
  • Unmarried with children
  • Little to no contact with biological father
  • While growing up her own mother has struggled and been unstable, possibly incarcerated and intermittently absent
  • Likely raised by a relative or in foster care for some of childhood years
  • Relationships with the fathers, boyfriends, friends, family, are unstable
  • Doesn’t have a High School diploma, or a job
  • Spends days hanging out with other friends who have children, going to social services acquiring food, job information, clothing, etc
  • Everyone around her is living the same life
  • Wants to change her life but doesn’t know how to make that happen.
  • Usually exposed to church as a child, but has spent little to no time reading the Bible
  • Skilled in survival
  • Pain just below the surface, may show little emotion, appears to be tough, but extremely vulnerable

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